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Message From Chairman Samuel E. Lathem

DACCTE Chairman Sam Lathem

DACCTE Chairman Sam Lathem

As Chairman of the Council, I am proud of the important stand we have taken on critical issues relative to vocational, career and technical education in our state.

Our Council is committed to its mission and has been responsible for accomplishing many positive and substantive changes in policy and programs in public education in Delaware for almost 50 years. Our only vested interest is to improve and expand career and technical education in our public schools and to better prepare our youth to become good citizens and productive members of the workforce contributing to the economic development of our State.

We are the only objective and independent advisory group whose private and public sector members and staff are engaged in the critical components of educational reform of career and technical programs.

We feel that our oversight, expertise and advocacy are crucial to career and technical education and the workforce and economy in Delaware.

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