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Our Mission

The mission of the Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education (DACCTE) is to strengthen and enhance the Career and Technical Education delivery system and to assist the State in providing quality programs and expanded opportunities for all citizens.

Key Objectives

Recommend policies the State should pursue to strengthen and expand Career and Technical Education in Delaware.

Review and monitor Career and Technical Education programs, services and activities throughout the state.

Provide technical assistance to local school districts and agencies to improve and enhance the Career and Technical delivery system.

Advise the State Board of Education and the Department of Education on the development and amendments of the State Plan for Career and Technical Education (CTE) required by the Perkins Act for federal funding of CTE.

Develop and sponsor professional development workshops and activities for teachers, administrators and counselors.

Provide support to improve and expand the services and activities of the Career and Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs) which are integral components of CTE.

Conduct an annual awards program to recognize and promote business, agencies, students and other individuals for excellence in Career and Technical Education.

Provide input and resources to develop the Career Compass and Teachers Guide publications for middle and high school students and teachers annually.