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Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an essential component of the total educational system in the U.S. and is critical to the country’s ability to compete in a global economy

CTE involves a large and complex delivery system. It must maintain high standards and be rigorous, relevant, current and respond quickly to changes in schools and the workplace.

The need for CTE programs is greater than ever in this challenging and global economy. We need to ensure that our youth and adults are prepared to succeed in today’s workforce.

The Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Vocational Education (DACCVE) was established in 1969 as an independent council by Governor Russell Peterson. In June, 2005 House Bill 71 was enacted which amended the name to the Delaware Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education (DACCTE).  The Council has a long and proven track record of playing a pivotal role in the development and implementation of significant policy, programs, and practices in Career and Technology in the State.

The Charter Members of the Council were avid public advocates for quality vocational and career education in Delaware and included:

Mrs. Martha Bachman – First Chairman

Mr. Frank Vavala – Secretary of Employment Security Commission, DOL

Dr. Paul Weatherly – President, Delaware Technical and Community College

Mr. Henry Stephan – Superintendent, New Castle County Vo-Tech School District

Mr. Nelson Freidly – Administrator Newark School District

Representative Thomas Evans, Jr. – U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Milford Caldwell – Delaware State College Chair, Education Department

Dr. George McGorman – First Executive Director

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