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Message from Chair Karen C Hutchison

Photo of Chair Karen C Hutchison
Chair Karen C Hutchison

I am so excited to serve as Chair of the Delaware Advisory Council for Career and Technical Education (DACCTE) and humbled to follow so many dedicated people who have held this position. I am most grateful for the service and commitment of our past chair, Sam Lathem, for his dedication to career and technical education in Delaware.

As stated, “DACCTE was established to advise the Governor, General Assembly and State Board of Education on matters pertaining to Career and Technical Education (CTE) and to recommend policies and initiatives to strengthen and modernize Career and Technical Education programs and services in the State.” The dedicated members of our Council take this responsibility seriously. Strong and modern CTE programs benefit not only the students but our state by assuring employers a well prepared, educated workforce.

As an independent and objective advisory group, our private and public sector members strive to provide oversight, expertise, and advocacy critical to ensuring all students equitable access to the best career and technical education anywhere. With over 40 years of experience in CTE, I know firsthand the impact these programs have on the success of students. DACCTE looks forward to working with all partners in carrying out our mission to “strengthen and enhance the Career and Technical Education delivery system and to assist the State in providing quality programs and expanded opportunities for all citizens.”