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Provided a forum and support services to comprehensive high schools to promote the elimination of the general track and the implementation of integrated, sequential programs of study in career and technical education.

Conducted in-service activities for middle and high school teachers, administrators and counselors relating to the development and implementation of Career Pathways in all schools.

Provided input and policy recommendations to the State Task Force on High School Graduation Requirements and the State Board of Education.

Assisted in the development of the State Plan for Career and Technical Education and its ensuing amendments, thereby recommending policy to the State Board of Education.

Provided resources to develop, implement and expand Tech Prep programs on a statewide basis.

Assisted in the development and implementation of a statewide graduate follow-up system to track Delaware high school graduates.

Provided support to improve the services and activities of Career and Technical Education Student Organizations.

Provided professional assistance and Council input to the School-To-Work initiative.

Provided resources to develop the Delaware CAREER COMPASS publication that is disseminated to middle and high school students and teachers annually.

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